Are You Fed Up?

Ready to ditch your insomnia and trade it for sound sleep?

Have you had enough of tossing and turning thoughts rolling around in your head?

Are you tired of worrying about sleep during the day and into the night?

Are you fed up with feeling tired and fuzzy headed?

Is the despair of staring at the ceiling one more night making you want to just cry?

I know these things - because I've been there, too.  

You want your sharp wit, patience, and energy back!

You want to focus your thoughts on enjoying your life and your family.

You want to wake feeling rested, satisfied, and ready for the day.

You've spent a lot of time looking for solutions only to be let down - until now.


I spent some days drifting along and then dreading bedtime - fearful and apprehensive that sleep would elude me again.  

Sometimes I'd long for bed and sleep so much it was all I could think about doing.

I'd feel teased by the occasional decent night, and then distressed when the next one wasn't

This went on and on - and then I learned how to recover my sleep - with no fancy gadgets, no magical supplements, and no pseudoscience.

With a bit of work and guidance, I was able to identify and work on the habits and thoughts that were affecting my sleep. 

Within weeks I was falling asleep faster, waking less, and performing better. I became my sharp thinking, witty, capable, and fun self again during the day - and became a sound and confident sleeper at night.

With support, I learned how - and now I can help you learn how too.  From the comfort of your own home.

Are You Ready To Wake Up To Fresh Days and Restful Nights?

The Sleep Recovery Programme Course is a practical and effective seven week coaching programme designed by a sleep expert

Improve your sleep and learn skills to sleep well - for a LIFETIME.

What You Get

  • Seven Weeks Guided Sleep Repair

    Seven weeks of practical sleep education, videos and guided activities that you can put into practice to improve your sleep - immediately

  • Mindfulness Training

    A built in complete 5 week mindfulness training and activities to teach you how to reduce your arousal and anxiety levels - the culprits that contribute to insomnia

  • Professional Coaching Insights

    In-depth training to support you in implementing key evidence based strategies that can dramatically improve your sleep quality - and then get you more of it!

  • Live Q and A

    For those getting in on the early bird pricing, I'll be hosting a LIVE Q and A session for the group!

  • Connection

    Unlike many courses, I'm keeping comments open on each lesson so I can clarify any questions about course content for 8 weeks.

Recovering from Insomnia is Possible

You just need to know how to do it

Recovery is completely within you. This course shows you the keys to unlock the puzzle, and explains how touse your own natural sleep system to change and improve your sleep.

Seven Weeks Of Training

  • Welcomes and Getting Started
  • Sleep 101
  • Mindfulness as Medicine
  • Preparing your Physical Environment
  • Preparing your Mental Environment
  • Correcting Our Relationship with Bedtime
  • Deepening and Extending Our Sleep
  • Next Steps - Future Proofing Your Sleep

Each module includes videos, worksheets and guided activities, and built into the whole programme is a five-week comprehensive mindfulness training.

You'll feel calmer, more confident in your sleep ability and getting sounder sleep.

You also get FOUR BONUSES

If your Bed is Part Of The Problem: evaluating and replacing and caring for pillows and mattresses - a four part process written by an osteopath

Professional Sleep Handouts - including choosing supplements safely, supplements for anxiety, dietary influences on sleep and more - all based on current evidence

10 Extra Mindfulness and ACT skills training worksheets to expand your mindfulness skills and reduce your sleep anxiety

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You get access to all of this for 90 days 

If you want a safe, evidence based approach...

The course is based on techniques and strategies that are proven with decades of evidence and which form the gold standard approach to chronic insomnia.

This is for you if....

  • You want improved sleep and you want it to last

  • You want to wake up refreshed every day

  • You want to stop being so anxious about sleep

  • You want something drug free and safe

  • You want to stop buying 'all the things' and rely on yourself

This is NOT for you if...

  • You have chronic insomnia but haven't spoken to your doctor yet

  • You have another sleep disorder or aren't physically or mentally stable (ie uncontrolled physical or mental health issues or if you have something like epilepsy, biopolar disorder, etc where change to your sleep will affect your stability (check with your doctor)

  • You don't want to learn how to reconnect with your natural ability to sleep

  • You're fine with constant fatigue and anxiety

  • You are ok taking sleeping pills forever

Special Treat for £97 Early Bird Joiners

This is ONLY for those who get onto the course before Tuesday!

Get in on this course in the first three days for £97 and join me for an hour long live Q and A session in Week 7 of the Course!

People who work with me say....

More than a year...

I have gotten more from you than a year in CBTi....

Tracy is kind, knowledgeable, and empathetic, and quite frankly as a past sufferer of sleep issues, is the perfect person to be able to help!


Tracy has helped me learn to deal with negative thoughts associated with not sleeping (as a result of physical trauma/back injury) and get on a healthy path using mindfulness and CBTI.

Your host

Sleep Coach

Tracy Hannigan

Tracy is a sleep coach for adults with insomnia, helping them reclaim restorative sleep so that they can live the active and vibrant lives they want and deserve. In addition to experiencing many years of insomnia herself, she is a healthcare professional, has a degree in psychology and is an ACE certified health coach and behaviour change specialist with training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia, Mindfulness and ACT.

Grab This Course Early!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is it seven weeks?

    Chronic insomnia can't be sorted overnight - and anyone who tells you otherwise is scamming you. I teach you what you need to know - from setting the stage to relapse prevention - and give you time to learn and practice everything. The strategies are highly effective in providing long term sleep improvement, however, it is not a 'passive' solution. You get access for 90 days so you can revisit it as you need to.

  • Can I do this if I'm on Medication?

    Yes. These strategies are just as effective for people who are on medication so you should feel no need to make any changes to your medication to participate. Always seek advice from your doctor before making changes to your medication.

  • I'm from America, is that a problem?

    No! This is hosted online, and you get access to the first modules as soon as you buy. And they will be available 24/7 for 90 days. Exchange rates will depend on the day and your bank.

  • Is it safe to buy online?

    YES. Thinkific is a very popular platform for hosting online courses, and uses Stripe, a secure payment processor, to process your payment.. It's just like buying from any large online retailer. I never see your payment details.

  • When do we start!?

    As soon as you enrol you are directed to the first modules! You can start in five minutes or less!